In an increasingly tech and media-driven world each of us carries a mobile broadcast station in her pocket, producing endless personal content. Kinoclan is launching a new program of practical pocket film workshops encouraging women to be the storytellers of their own stories. Our workshops engage the participants in a community-based creative process, develop their abilities of observation, communication and personal expression, and provide them with basic cinematic tools that can transform the smartphone from a mere entertainment gadget into a creative tool.

A POCKET is an inner, intimate space one carries on her body. A POCKET is a womb, a habitat, an incubator for infant POCKET animals. A POCKET is a separate, defined territory, a group of people who have something in common. In your POCKET are notes, money, keys, things that must not be lost.

International Women's Day Workshop

Kinoclan’s first Pocket Film workshop was held in collaboration with The Garage Pre-Academic Art School. The Garage students are young artists facing mental health challenges. The workshop was dedicated to the International Women’s Day and the final videos were exhibited during Kinoclan’s first international event – Feminist Cinema Tel Aviv-Berlin 2017.

Workshop's Info

FACILITATOR / Dana Goldberg
PARTNERS / The Garage Pre-Academic Art School
TIME AND PLACE / Tel Aviv, February-March 2017