In an increasingly tech and media-driven world each of us carries a mobile broadcast station in our pocket, producing endless personal content. KinoClan is launching a new program of hands-on pocket film workshops encouraging women to tell their own stories. Our workshops engage the participants in a community-based creative process dedicated to developing their abilities of observation, communication skills and personal expression, providing them with basic cinematic tools that can transform the smartphone from a mere entertainment gadget into a creative tool.

A POCKET is an inner, intimate space one carries on her body. A POCKET is a womb, a habitat, an incubator for infant POCKET animals. A POCKET is a separate, defined territory, a group of people who have something in common. In your POCKET are notes, money, keys, things that must not be lost.

next stop: arad!

During September the Arad Contemporary Art Center will be hosting KinoClan’s pocket film workshop. Southern women of all ages – grab your smartphones and lets make movies!

Workshop's Info

FACILITATOR / Dana Goldberg
PARTNERS / The Arad Contemporary Art Center
TIME AND PLACE / Arad, September 2019