Masterclass with poet Dr. Efrat Mishori and filmmaker Dana Goldberg

Dr. Efrat Mishori is a multimedia poet. Text was never enough for her. Since her early days as a writer she was interested in the performative aspects of words and explored their “secondary” qualities – sound, form, spacing. Mishori is the publisher of 7 poetry books. In 2017 she was awarded the AKUM encouragement prize for her up coming new book “A Married Woman and Lonely Poems”.

Dana Goldberg is a screenwriter and a film director. Her filmography includes over ten short films and one feature film, “Alice”, awarded best screenplay, best actress and an honorable mention in the Jerusalem Film Festival 2012. Her early films are all portraits of women, exploring gender and power and ranging between violence and ode. “Esti of the Pine Trees” – a one woman’s show written and directed by Goldberg, premiered at the Theatroneto Festival 2014; In 2011 Goldberg published her first poetry book, “Orange Corals”.

Mishori and Goldberg are collaborating since 2014. They wrote and directed two short films and one feature film, “Death of a Poetess”, supported by the Israeli Film Fund and Gesher Multicultural Film Fund.

The masterclass is held in an intimate and direct manner and does not require early preparations. It includes a screening of Mishori and Goldberg’s films, poetry reading and an open discussion with the audience. The artists talk about their co-working process, the main questions dealt with in their work, the cinematic within poetry and the poetic within the cinema.

The activity suits conferences, cultural events, seminars and extra-curricular activities in the fields of art, psychology, social studies and gender, and also for groups of women.