Our Vision

One woman goes out to the street. That’s how the film starts. One woman goes out into a space full of eyes. She knows that gaze very well. The gaze that goes down her cleavage, followed by remarks on her breast size, her buttocks, her clothes, a gaze that strips her of her clothes. She had already been clung to on the bus, touched or invaded. She had been offered offers, asked how much she costs, followed down the street and another street until she hailed a taxi and fled home. And we didn’t even mention the street at night time. When a sound of footsteps makes her look back or cross the road to the opposite sidewalk.

One man who goes out to the street is a completely different film. Neither more nor less, just different. His film is not called “a masculine film”. His film is just a film. Simply because it is 99% of what is shown in theaters.
When a woman goes out to the street and enters the movie theater, she sees his film. She sees the world and herself – through his eyes. What does it do to her, to meet herself like that? Always at his side, with no interest or will except him? What does it teach her? About her mind? her body? her wishes? And what does it teach him?

When a woman makes a film she makes a choice. What to say and how to say it and with which words. She speaks aloud, and thinks aloud, and sings and laughs and pauses if she needs to, and says nothing she does not want to say, just because someone else wants her to. She is not afraid to say “yes” or “no”, or “I want” or “I know”. And no one would peek at her under the dress, and if she wanted to, she would take it off completely. And make love, quietly or aloud, with her very own voice. Everything is allowed, and it is nothing but her choice.

Kinoclan [NGO] is an ensemble of Israeli writers, artists and film professionals working together for over a decade. It aims to create works of art in various media, representing the feminine experience as seen through women’s eyes.